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Monday, May 3, 2010


Everyone Makes Millions and Millions of choices everyday From when they wake up to when they go to bed, everyone has choices. How will I get up this morning, when will I get up, should I go to work today, should I shower, What should I have for Breakfast, Which shoes should I wear. All these Little choices shape our life, it doesn't matter how big or how little these choices are, every single one is important. If you didn't brush your teeth, it would affect your life significantly in the long run, it could lead down a path you may not want to go down, but you don't know that until you make the choice and then end up facing the consequences. Bigger choices such as choosing a car, or choosing a life partner, or choosing a home to live in for the rest of your life, they are just as important as the small daily choices we make, and impact our lives in a negative or positive way. I may be contradicting myself when I say no choice is a bad choice, there are positive and negative consequences for any choice we make. 

Do we even really have these choices though, are these choices set out in stone? Or is it possible to force yourself down a different life path by making a choice that is not the one set out for you, and if you can do that what would happen? There are people living on the streets and homeless doing drugs and stealing to get money for the drugs, is this what was set for them in their life or was it a consequence of going out of the chosen path for them?

I recently made a choice that seems really big for me, I recently deleted and blocked a friend of 3 years whom I love, and will always love, but I felt upset every time I went to talk to her or check out her pictures, seeing her with her boyfriend (this is the same girl I walked about in my previous blog)  I don't know if this was the right choice for me to do, or the wrong choice, I believe I just need to stay strong and move on. 

I apologize but this blog is not that good, and It needs to be finished but I am unable to write anymore so here you go! :P

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